So many people have been personally impacted by Bill and Kathie Beattie. Here are some tributes.

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Bill, when I think of our times together I get a big smile on my face. I continue to pray for you, Kathy and your family. Get stronger and add to your testimony of the Goodness of Our Lord and SAVIOR-- JESUS THE CHRIST. - Michael Taylor

"When I think about the legacy that Bill and Kathie are leaving, I don’t necessarily think about programs and I don’t think about buildings - I think about relationships, and I think about love and humility and generosity, three words I ascribe to them.  How can I love others the way God loves me?  How can I treat others better than myself?  How can I give from the abundance God has given me, of my time and of my talent and of my resources? That’s the legacy I think about when I think about Bill & Kathie." – Carrie L. Amos, Jericho President

"(Bill' and Kathie's legacy) gives me the motivation as a pastor that my love for God’s people should be as great as Bill's love for God’s people." – Rev. Leroy Parker

"I would have to say Bill is one of my heroes.  I’ve only known him for about five and a half years, but he has impacted my life greatly.  He’s the kind of guy that, when you’re around him, you are inspired by his passion, his positivity, his selflessness, his desire to make change in a way that is gentle but strong, caring and yet powerful. That’s what I think of when I think of Bill and Kathie - just giving their lives to make a difference, and not just in individual lives but in this whole area of Danbury. Beyond that, they inspire folks to truly want to make a difference. That’s the kind of leaders they are." – Pastor Chris Yount

"For Bill and Kathy, there are no little people, no little places. Here are people of means - good education … they functioned South Africa and around the world - and yet people who have very little are important to them. They treat people, regardless of their station in life, as valuable. When I sit with Kathie Beattie, I feel like I am the most important person in the world, and then I watch them minister to the least, and to the lost. I watch them just love people in Jesus’s name, and let them know that they are valued and loved. That’s one of the things I value most about the Beatties." – Pastor Joel Eidsness


What I’ve learned from watching the Beatties is that having a clear idea of what God has called you to - and pursuing it - is the most meaningful way to live.  What I think I’ve seen here at Jericho is a miracle: a couple of people following God’s call and praying multiple congregations together, to cooperate to serve the city.  - Ted Hartlett, Jericho AV/Media Consultant