Leadership Transition

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Passing the baton. Transferring the cloak. Anointing the next generation. The transition of leadership at the Jericho Partnership was always intended to be both seamless (wouldn’t interrupt ministry) and God-honoring (would be as He leads). And though no one knew the time and the place until recent weeks, the transition underway now is indeed both of those things.

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Bill Beattie and Carrie Amos have worked together at Jericho Partnership, side-by-side, for the better part of a decade.  A proven leader, possessing compassion, wisdom and integrity, Carrie rose up the ranks at Jericho and has led the staff team and the organization with skill and deftness.

Bill has acknowledged her leadership in myriad ways over the years – and finalized his blessing over her in a powerful time of prayer just a few weeks ago.

Here is what happened, in Carrie’s words: CLICK HERE

And then, at Jericho's Gala on November 30, Bill virtually passed the baton to Carrie (via video shot from his hospital room).  On behalf of Jericho's staff, leadership boards, ministry and church partners, volunteers and those we serve, Carrie accepted the baton and pledged to run with it into the next chapter of Jericho's history, focused on the mission God has set before us.


Bill’s New Role

Bill is now the Chairman Emeritus of the Jericho Partnership.  This change takes place immediately. Though he has transferred the mantle of leadership to Carrie Amos, Neil Tan and Rev. Leroy Parker, and the boards, Bill says he feels he has "another lap around the track to run" and will continue to be engaged through vision-sharing, consulting, investing in key relationships and connections (perhaps in a different but yet impactful way), and, of course, fervent prayer, for as long as he is physically able. His wisdom, experience, generous spirit, heart for the city, and passion for our youth could never be replaced are most worthy to be received. In honoring Bill and his legacy, we also give glory to our Almighty God.


Carrie’s New Role

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Though Carrie has had the title of Jericho President since 2012 (and has been on staff since 2007), she is also taking on most of Bill’s day-to-day and longer-term responsibilities.

Those include:

  • Maintaining and developing relationships with pastors of our Church Partners, Ministry Partners, and other community leaders
  • Serving as program officer for the Maranatha Foundation
  • Setting and directing strategic objectives in line with the Jericho vision
  • Working directly with the Jericho Board of Directors and with Bill 

She will continue, as she has in the past, to implement the strategy as set by the board, and lead the Jericho staff team.

Carrie is 100% committed to "keeping the mission the mission" and carrying on the Beattie legacy with excitement and fervor, knowing that God isn't yet finished with transforming this city and its people through the ministries and churches that comprise the Jericho Partnership. "We are all united," she said,"in a vision of a city where lives are transformed, families are whole, communities are safe and God is glorified."

Read Carrie's bio HERE.


The Board's Role

Jericho’s Boards of Directors are composed of both community directors (Executive Board) and the pastors of Jericho’s 27 church partners (Advisory Board). The Executive Board provides the governance and oversight, and the Advisory Board provides a forum for the engagement of partner churches. Both Boards are united in the oversight of Jericho’s vision, strategy and ministry. Coordination between the two Boards is done through an Executive Committee, which is made up of leaders from the two Boards.

 Neil Tan, with his mentee Dwayne.

Neil Tan, with his mentee Dwayne.

 Rev. Leroy Parker

Rev. Leroy Parker

Dr. Neil Tan, current Board Vice-Chair and retired executive pastor of Walnut Hill Community Church, and Rev. Leroy Parker, senior pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, will assume interim chairmen roles of, respectively, Jericho’s Executive Board and Pastors’ Advisory Board. Carrie continues to be a member of the two Boards as well as the Executive Committee, and will function in her expanded President’s role.

The Executive Board will soon begin discussions on selecting a permanent Chairman.