Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the transition happening now?

As you know, Bill is currently being treated for multiple myeloma in Danbury and in collaboration with Dana Farber Cancer Institute of Boston.  To focus on his recovery and to ensure that Jericho’s ministry continues uninterrupted, and after prayerful deliberation with confirming signs from the Lord, he has decided that this is the right time to step down from the Chairman’s role and the day-to-day responsibilities that accompany it.  

Bill drafted an email to communicate his intention, as well as to select Carrie, Neil Tan and Rev. Parker to serve in new leadership roles, as detailed below.

For periodic updates regarding Bill’s health and treatment, provided by his family or Carrie, visit or click HERE.


What will Bill’s new role be?

Although he has transferred the mantle of leadership to Carrie and the Board chairs, and will not be part of day-to-day operations, Bill will continue to be engaged with Jericho through vision-sharing, consulting, prayer, and testimonial support when he is available.

As the Board moves forward with this transition plan, which will include appointing a permanent Chairman, it will also consider what Bill’s “another lap around the track” – as Bill himself termed it – might look like.


What will Carrie’s new role be?

Though Carrie has had the title of Jericho President since 2012, she will take on most of Bill’s day-to-day and longer-term responsibilities. Those include maintaining and developing relationships with pastors of our Church Partners, our Ministry Partners, other community leaders; stewardship, setting and directing strategic objectives in line with the Jericho vision; and working directly with the Jericho Board of Directors and with Bill. She will continue, as she has done for years, to implement the strategy set by the board and lead the Jericho staff team.


Will this affect Jericho’s mission?

No. Jericho’s mission to transform a city was inspired by God through fervent prayer, and that will continue to be the case. Carrie and the Boards are committed to building on both the Beattie’s and Jericho’s legacy in the city of Danbury – to enable life transformation - and will always seek hard after God for His continued guidance and leading.


Will Bill’s transition affect the annual funding of Jericho Partnership from the Maranatha Foundation?

No. Bill & Kathie and their trustees who oversee the Maranatha Foundation have pledged to support Jericho and its mission for a long time to come.


Who will replace Bill as Chairman of the Jericho Board of Directors?

To ensure continuity in its leadership structure, the Board has appointed Neil Tan, the most recent Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, as the Acting Chairman of the Board and Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee. His primary responsibility will be to lead and guide the Board through this time of transition, including leading a transition team to appoint the next Chairperson. Rev. Leroy Parker, Senior Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, is now the Chairman of Jericho’s Pastors’ Advisory Board. Previously, Bill chaired both of those Boards.


Who will handle the Jericho relationships that were handled by Bill?

These will fall mainly to Carrie in her expanded role as President. Carrie and Bill have worked closely together for several years and many of these relationships and connections are familiar to her.


How can I honor Bill & Kathie?

A few ways!

  • Pray for them, for Bill’s treatment and recovery from cancer, for Kathie and their family  
  • Pray for Jericho Partnership and its mission to transform Danbury (pray for its boards, its staff, its ministry partners, its church partners, and all those it serves in Danbury)
  • Send a card or letter of support to:
    • Bill & Kathie Beattie, c/o Jericho Partnership 13 Rose St Danbury CT 06810
  • Send your message electronically, by clicking HERE
  • Attend Jericho’s Annual Transformation Gala / fundraiser, where we’ll be honoring their legacy; you can get tickets HERE 
  • Volunteer for a Jericho Ministry by becoming a mentor, the role most dear to Bill’s heart; here at Jericho, we define “mentor” as anyone having an impact on someone’s life, whether through tutoring, informally counseling, reading with, or engaging in a longer-term mentoring relationship; learn more HERE and review current opportunities HERE
  • Be part of Building on a Legacy by making a contribution to Jericho Partnership in their honor HERE