Because so many people care so deeply for the Beatties and wish to pray for Bill and Kathie, we’ve dedicated this portion of the website for updates regarding Bill's treatment for multiple myeloma. Visit often to get reports, provided by his family and/or Carrie Amos.


April 25 Update - from Bill

It is now 8 months since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and Carrie thought it would be helpful to update my health status. 
Health-wise, I have been truly blessed by our loving God. Although myeloma is not curable it is treatable and chemo treatments have been very effective in increasing my strength and mobility and clearing my mind. Kathie and my daughter, Vicki, have been great caregivers in supporting the wonderful work of Danbury Hospital staff. Re-gaining my auto driving privileges has been a big plus, second only to the Super Bowl victory of my Eagles. I am out and about and once again worshiping at church on a regular basis and attending Phillies Home Opener two weeks ago in Philly. God is good! 

February 2 update - from Carrie Amos

  • Bill is feeling better and strong each day, and is responding well to treatment. Over the last few weeks, he's felt well enough to take brisk walks around his home, and to visit with some of his closest friends there. During a visit last week, Clara Perkins, representing Pathways Danbury Youth Ministries, presented him with Philadelphia Eagles sock. A Philly native, Bill is rooting fervently for the Eagles.
  • Showing his sense of humor remains strong, Bill shared this in an email to the Jericho Board: "I am blessed to be able to share with you my forecast for the Super Bowl, my current health status and how the Lord has been speaking to me during the past 4 months. Re the Super Bowl, the Eagles will, of course, prevail over the Patriots. Surprise?"
  • Bill also shared this: "Having rarely had a sick day during my previous 79 years, my illness has been a challenging experience. The Lord has been ever present, however, and helped me deal with "uncertainty", the elephant in the room, regarding my life and future.... I know God has a great plan for my life. I have prayed for healing and an opportunity for more for lap for His glory, whatever that might involve."
  • Part of Bill's "involvement" is working with Jericho President Carrie L. Amos to shape the direction of Jericho's newly established "Legacy Fund" - a special fund set up for those who wish to honor the legacy Bill & Kathie Beattie have created, and partner with us to build on it. The gifts given to this fund will be used to further the mission God gave to Bill & Kathie all those years ago. If you wish to give, you can do so HERE. Simply choose the "Build on a Legacy" designation. We thank you in advance for your generosity!
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December 28 update - from Vicki Beattie

Even in this cold weather, Bill is feeling good enough for a brisk walk on his (reeeeally long) driveway!



December 18 update - from Vicki Beattie

"(Bill's) physical and occupational therapy continues through services at his home and he is regaining his strength.  He has just started his third cycle of the treatment and has had a good response. My parents still need my support, especially with the medicines. I fully intend to return to Doro (where she serves as a missionary) but I'm still needed for a few more months."


November 27 Update

Bill's been in the hospital for the last few days, due to some side effects of the treatment - something not uncommon for patients receiving chemotherapy.  But the good news is that Bill's cancer is responding well to the treatment.   He, Kathie and Vicki continue to value your prayers and good wishes.


November 8 Update

Bill's recent lab results indicate that his body is responding very well to the treatment; he will visit his doctor at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, in Boston, in early December.  At this time the Beatties are not accepting visitors, but wanted all to know that they are very thankful for everyone’s prayers.


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November 1 Update

Vicki Beattie (Bill & Kathie's daughter) says they are rejoicing: as Bill begins his second cycle of treatment, he is getting stronger.





October 26 Update

Bill is tolerating the weekly treatments of injections and oral medications, but it hasn’t been easy.

A back brace has brought some relief from the pain (due to a compression fracture in his spine); together with the treatment and in time his back should be better. Overall, his progress has been good, but with some ups and downs along the way.

He recently had a visit from his two (retired) pastors, which were blessings, but right now the family is asking that friends refrain from visiting or calling.  Carrie Amos was present when Pastor Joel Eidness was there, and she said Bill initiated prayer and then prayed fervently for his family members, for Jericho Partnership, and for the city of Danbury.


October 18 Update

Bill completed his third treatment this week, and, although he is physically tired, he says his pain level is decreasing. He continues to think about and pray for the Jericho Partnership, as evidenced by his recent text to Carrie:

“Today was treatment day. Long but good, and improving re: pain. Tired. Thanks for your prayers and for keeping the mission the mission. Blessings and love to you. Bill”


The Diagnosis - September

Bill was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, in September.  Though diagnosed in Danbury, they sought a second opinion at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, a hospital with specialists in this type of cancer. Doctors there corroborated his diagnosis and, together, they decided on a treatment protocol that would be administered in Danbury.

He had his first treatments the week of October 2.