Building on a Legacy.


Legacy. It’s a powerful word, connoting all that one has accomplished when the end of his or her work on earth draws near.

Few people have built a legacy as meaningful, impactful and beautiful as William G. Beattie, a man who has given so much – his time, talent and treasure - to the city of Danbury, its most vulnerable people, and to virtually everyone who knows him. For decades, Bill and his wife Kathie have poured themselves into loving and serving others, as modeled by both Jesus himself and the Good Samaritan of the Bible, who wouldn’t walk by a person in need.  They were the inspiration for The Jericho Partnership. And as it flourished and ministered, it changed the landscape of inner city Danbury by mentoring and educating its at-risk youth, feeding its hungry, sheltering its homeless, and caring for its sick, struggling, and addicted.

Legacy, however, also connotes the fact that, in due season, a person’s work is continued by others.

In this season of his life, Bill has decided to immediately transition out of his day-to-day role as the Chairman of Jericho Partnership, which he founded nearly 12 years ago, borne of his decades-long passion to combat rising high-school dropout rates by mentoring  young men. 

As most know, Bill was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is undergoing treatment in Danbury, under the guidance of specialists at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Though he’s experiencing the expected side effects, he is pushing through with the spirit you’d expect from Bill.  (Stay abreast of Bill’s health journey by visiting this page.)

The joyful news?  Bill and Kathie have now earned the right to sit back, pass the baton, and watch their legacy continue under expanded leadership, helmed by Jericho’s President Carrie L. Amos and a team of passionate staff, ministry leaders, and board members that surround her. Carrie’s passion is to build on the legacy that the Beatties started, keep “the mission the mission” (as Bill often says), and seek hard after God as Jericho continues to mobilize ministry to transform Danbury, one person at a time.

Additionally, Dr. Neil Tan, a retired executive pastor of Walnut Hill Community Church and most recent Vice Chairman of Jericho’s Board, has stepped into the role of Acting Chairman of Jericho’s governing body, the Executive Board. And Rev. Leroy Parker, Senior Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, has been named interim Chairman of its Pastors’ Advisory Board. Bill will stay connected as Chairman Emeritus and has expressed the notion that he has "another lap around the track to run."

Bill’s selection of Carrie, Neil and Leroy as Jericho’s new leadership team came after years of working side-by-side at the Partnership, to affect change in the inner city. Both men have been serving with Jericho for years, and Carrie has been on staff since 2007, and President since 2012.

Longevity and unity of mission aside, Bill and Carrie recently experienced a significant God-inspired, Holy-Spirit-led moment, when, during a focused time of prayer, Bill “passed the cloak” of leadership to her. Read Carrie’s account of that powerful moment HERE.

And now, those who love, admire and respect Bill and Kathie have the wonderful opportunity to honor the Beattie Legacy, and exalt the God who made it all possible, while the Beatties themselves can receive it.

We created this website to guide the Jericho community through this time of transition.